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About Vincent Physical Therapy

From examination, evaluation, diagnosis and prognosis to plan of care, intervention, continual re-examination and discharge, Vincent Physical Therapy offers professional comprehensive management for all your physical therapy needs.

Outstanding service is great but highly trained, athletic therapists make all the difference, especially when we have the very best rehabilitation equipment at our disposal.

Teamwork is the common thread that ensures your highest quality care. The therapists stay in close communication with your doctor throughout your therapy. Professional, responsible and dedicated is Vincent Physical Therapy.

Michel Vincent, Dan Woodworth and Dean Chuang are highly trained therapists who specialize in orthopedic and soft tissue injury rehabilitation. We incorporate movement analysis to assist you in correcting dysfunctional movement, preventing injury and optimizing function. But most important, our multi-body system analysis gives us a more complex understanding of the injury and related areas leading to a more specific treatment approach. The team integrates the art of manual therapy into your plan of care. Not all therapists do.

Michel, Dan and Dean are also experienced athletes who have insight about the intricacies of various and unique physical and mental demands that athlete's endure. This aids in our understanding of what competitors experience, not to mention our sense of compassion.

Your initial visit to Vincent Physical Therapy will involve you in an extensive examination. Your history, habits and general health is where we begin. Your therapist then screens the major body systems and follows with special tests and measures. A key element of our quality care is that you will always be treated with the same therapist.

After all the initial information is gathered and carefully evaluated, your therapist will determine a plan of action to take including the expected number of visits and what's expected of you to follow through with the program during your visits and while at home.

Initiating your recovery is the next step. It may be as simple as training you how to better perform an action or proper warm-up exercises before a routine is begun. It may also involve a complete exercise program in combination with hands on therapy and modalities. Your therapist will set measurable, meaningful and functional goals for you to strive for. Verbal explanations, diagrams, demonstrations and feedback is how they move you toward your objective. Each therapist is trained to listen and observe ensuring accurate and understandable feedback, which is crucial to your full recovery.

The most important variable in motor learning and your recovery is the amount and quality of your practice. You need to be an active participant from your first visit on.

A wide range of services provided by highly trained therapists with specialized equipment are the elements that enable Vincent Physical Therapy to successfully treat people discomfort and movement dysfunction.

We have two convenient Pasadena locations with easy, convenient free parking.

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